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Moxiu is a Hong Kong based company that manufactures and sources products in and from China and Southeast Asia for export to global businesses. We also import, distribute and sell our own products and the products of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that wish to increase sales and profits by using the available and growing Asian markets. We also provide SMEs with market-entry business consulting services in Hong Kong, China and Asia.

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“We leverage our knowledge and understanding of Asian business markets to help our customers reach their goals and sales objectives and to lower cost without sacrificing quality.

Manufacturing and Sourcing in Asia for Export

We specialize in making products based on each customer’s unique set of specifications. We have close relationships with a wide range of factories and we manufacture and export a variety of products that are manufactured in Hong Kong or China to the world’s major markets.

Sales and Distribution in Asia

China has become the world’s second largest importer due to higher disposable income level and its rapidly expanding consumer market has an appetite for products that will improve the lives of its citizens such as high-quality food, agriculture and environmental technologies as well as a rage of other non-essential luxury and consumer goods. We assist our international clients with locating and establishing online and offline distribution systems for products in Hong Kong, China and other Asia markets such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Southeast Asia. At the same we also sell and distribute our own products in Asia giving us invaluable first-hand experience to assist our customers with introducing their products to the Asian markets.

Asia Market-Entry Business Consulting

Manufacturing products in Hong Kong and China for export and and introducing international products to the Hong Kong, Chinese and Asian markets requires local technical expertise. The founder of our company is a Canadian lawyer and we work closely with legal, accounting, tax and business professionals to provide a full range of business services so that our clients can focus on their core business of selling products rather than spending time navigating through unfamiliar legal and finance systems.

We provide a full range of services from quality control to providing the best prices for your products to recommending the most efficient distribution channels while ensuring that your intellectual property is protected.

Manufacturing in Asia for Export

LED Grow Lights

Clothing and Textiles

Tear Gas Casings

Security Devices

Vinyl Flooring

Protective Equipment

Tubes and Pipes

Light Products

Asia Market-Entry Consulting

Factory Selection & Vetting

Trademark Registration

Contract Drafting

Shipping Logistics


Quality Control

Packaging and Labelling

License Applications

Copyright Recordal

Patent Applications

Online Sales


Distribution and Sales in Asia

Yerba Mate

Olive Oil


Cider Vinegar

Canadian Beef

Oats and Nuts



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